25 April, 2017

18 Ways to Support the Fashion Revolution

It's Fashion Revolution Week! An opportunity to call for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics from those who make our clothing, handbags, shoes, etc.

Four years ago yesterday, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1138 workers - mothers, fathers, daughters, best friends - who were busy making clothing for JCP, The Children's Place and Walmart (among others). They died because the building they were working in was grossly unsafe and they lacked many of the protections in manufacturing we fought to get in this country 150 years ago. (Many did not want to go into the building but were bullied and threatened with their jobs if they did not do so.)

This is why Fair Trade matters. This is the heart of shopping with intention.

On the other side of every product we buy is a person. Every purchase we make says what kind of world we want. The option to buy fair trade is a deliberate choice to stand against the methods, secrecy and abuse that allowed Rana Plaza to happen - the system that produces the vast majority of products we buy.

It's easier than you think! There are more and more people stepping up to treat the people who make our products like are human and not another cog in the wheel.

Make a conscious choice to support those who are taking a stand and choosing to do the right thing. You might be surprised to realize that fair trade clothing don't cost more than buying at a box store. And you can wear the items knowing no one was exploited or abused to make it.

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