15 March, 2017

Why I Run - Again

There are a lot of organizations I stand by. There are lots that I will promote and spread the word about. But there are only two I engage with regularly, that I go above and beyond to actively participate with and give of my time and money to.

One of those is To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA). I have written about why I support TWLOHA before here, here, and here.

On April 15th I will run a 5k thru my neighborhood. I will be joined by people in all 50 states and 11 countries around the world, as well as those running in TWLOHA's "official" race in FL. (If you want to run with me, I'd love to have you!)

But the question posed is: What Will You Run For?

I truly believe that if I knew something like TWLOHA existed when I was in middle and high school things would have been very different for me.

I would have known I was not alone.

I would have known people cared.

I would have had a community to share my struggle with instead of isolating and being filled with shame, self-hatred and pain.

So, I run for those who still struggle with mental illness, for those who cut, for those who find life so difficult to navigate through.

I run against the stigma that keeps these issues in the dark. Stigma that keeps us labeling and blaming those who hurt to feel vs. helping them in a way they will be receptive to.

I run for myself and every day since the last day I cut. I run for the good days when life is amazing and the bad days that feel like a slog.

I run because it is a form of self-care and too often caring for ourselves gets lost when we struggle.

I run because I can.

And I want you to join me!

You can donate here.

You can run with me on April 15th wherever you are (just let me know)

(You can also get your official gear for the run here)

You can shop.

From now until April 15th, I am donating 15% of sales from my small business to TWLOHA. Any purchase made through my website or any Facebook event will go towards the total. If you would love to support TWLOHA and host an event with me, please let me know.

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