04 August, 2015

The Discovery at the Laudromat

Here is my entry from the July 31st Creative Prompt

Where did he go?

Sara spun around again looking at the now empty laundromat.

She stared at the last place she had seen the man. It was impossible that he had made it to the door as she was between them. There was no back entrance. So where did he go?

She thought over what he had been saying, talk of tea parties and croquet. He kept repeating he was late. He tried to get Sara to turn around and was rather miffed that she refused to give him the chance to ambush her. She was put on guard by the fact the man had no laundry. He did not dress like someone who would use a laundromat with his top hat, white suit, buffed loafers and pocket watch.

The creaking door caught her attention. That dryer was not open a moment ago. There was only one machine being used – the one with her laundry.

She called hello, feeling foolish. There was no one there. She reached to close the dryer door but stopped. Where there should have been a drum there was nothing but darkness.

“Hello?” she called into the dryer, her voice echoing. “Mr. White?” She did not know if this was the man’s name, but it’s all she had. Realizing what she was doing she jerked her head out of the machine. Pull it together Sara.

Her hand still on the dryer she looked at the darkness. It was the only logical explanation, if a rabbit hole appearing in an ordinary dryer was logical. Was she really saying that a man leapt into a dryer the moment she pulled her gaze for a moment?

Confident no one was coming, Sara tried to hoist herself into the dryer. It was the top of a double stack and was remarkably hard to squirm into. She thought about how she might look, her bum sticking out, legs flailing. Maybe her sister was right, the stress was getting to her.

Feeling something wet under fingers, Sara pulled them back to find them covered in dirt. Dirt? She smelled it. What was going on? Realizing she had nowhere to go but further in, Sara braced her arms and pushed, sending herself tumbling down the rabbit hole.

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