16 July, 2015

Road to Emmaus: God's Heart for Women

My first devotional, The Road to Emmaus, is being sold over at Bought Beautifully. Below is an excerpt. For more information, or to order the journal, click here.

God’s Heart for Women

Daily Reading: Genesis 1-2

From the start, God had a place in His heart and His plan for women. In Genesis 2 Eve was called Adam’s “help-meet” – the term is one that implies equality. She is what Adam is not. They are mirror opposites, two parts of a whole. There is nothing subservient or possessive in this verse. The first time God introduces woman to His story for the world, it is in the context of equal importance, equal contribution, and equal standing. Unfortunately since the Fall, we have dramatically distorted God’s view of women.

How do you respond knowing that God created both sexes equally, with a grand design and purpose? What unique gifts did He put within you? Spend some time with Him and ask Him to show you His heart and intention for your life.

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