19 May, 2015

The Swim

Here is my entry from May 15th's Creative Prompt:

She dared him that he would not jump in.

The water this time of year was freezing. They both knew it. Still, there was something in her eyes that he could not back down from. He started to undress.

She opened her mouth to object but stopped. She sucked her lips, wondering if he meant for her to go in too. She looked at the frigid water. She knew it was impossible, but somehow she could feel the cold coming off the morning waves as they lapped the wall.

He looked at her, dressed now only in his boxers and shoes. She tried to think of a way to get them both out of the swim. If he wanted to be a jerk and jump in, that was his choice. She didn’t need to get hypothermia to prove a point.

“You’re coming in right?” he asked. He motioned with his eyes towards the ocean. Apparently she did have to get hypothermia.

“You’re not seriously going in there?”

“What? Scared you might get cold.”

He scoffed. She said something under her breath. He looked back at her. Realizing there was no getting out of it, she reached to take off her shirt. The last thing she needed was to get all of her clothes wet.

Before she could answer he moved to dive in. Not one to be beaten she jumped behind him, her arms spinning behind her. The first the first drops of the water seep through her shoe. She imagined her body breaking through a sheet of water in the Arctic. Did not matter much then, they were going for a swim. 

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