16 April, 2015

Grand Canyon Beauty

My husband and I took a road trip through the Grand Canyon over the weekend. It was remarkable. I have never been. The color, the grandeur, the vistas and views - it was breathtaking. 

We got to see the sunrise (twice) and enjoy a sunset. We hiked along the rim, drove out to the tower and took our time coming back. 

As we traveled, a song kept playing in my head. I posted the lyrics on my Facebook, but the entire song is worth a listen:

"Hey, Jamie, do you see I'm broken by this majesty. So much glory in so little time. So turn off the radio, let's listen to the songs we know all praise to Him who reigns on high

And I don't believe that I believed in You as deeply as today. I reckon what I'm saying is there's nothing more, nothing more to say.

And the mountains sing Your glory hallelujah. The canyons echo sweet amazing grace. My spirit sails, the mighty gales are bellowing Your name and I've got nothing to say. No, I've got nothing to say

Glory, glory hallelujah..." 

Has anything ever left you breathless and inspired? 

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