17 March, 2015

My Ideal Day

Here is my entry from the March 13th's Creative Prompt:

I wake up slowly, sun in my room, the house quiet. Coffee is already made. I go and get a cup before settling into the bay window to watch the morning.

It is lovely outside, warm and perfect. The sound of birds come in the window. There are flowers blooming in the backyard.

My ideal day would involve a lot of writing. I would get into a rhythm and be able to move a story forward through whatever block I am currently experiencing. I would sit on the back porch, with our backyard blooming and warmth on the breeze, and work.

When I get into a zone I am transported. I feel like I am in the story I am working on. I experience life with the main character.

After lunch, I would work on my other projects - my businesses, emails, catch-up, and do research for my stories.

There is lots of coffee (as always!). My puppy is asleep beside me. The moment is filled with creativity and peace.

That night - date night with my love. One night a week we get dressed up and go out. We take turns planning it and it's our chance to dress up and be together. We always have a good time, even if we are doing something simple.

My ideal day is filled with the knowledge that I am in my sweet spot, that I am working my calling, and that my impact is real. 

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