02 February, 2015

Hello Monday: Super Bowl Rundown

Hello Monday.

Football is officially over until next Fall. Some rejoice that their Facebook and Twitter feeds will be cleared up of team support and comments against bad plays. Some wonder why the USFL did not succeed so we did not have to suffer nine months with no decent sports on. Still, the game last night was well fought, a hard lost and a reminder that the game isn’t over until the clock says zero.

Our house was going for the Seahawks. What looked like a last minute comeback fell into ‘what the heck just happened?’ It was a ridiculous call made bitterer by the fight that broke out seconds later. Emotions run high, but still conduct yourselves with class boys.

I was impressed by the words of the Patriots towards the Seahawks and of the Seahawks team to step-up. Carrol took responsibility for the call, Wilson for the pass. Still it was a good game with some good commercials and some we could have done without.

·      Like a Girl: The winner from last night! Why does a girl’s self-esteem plummet during puberty? Because we still don’t know how to tell our young girls to behave. Reach for the stars, but be dainty and sexy. Ummmm no! It’s time we empower our daughters and tell them to reach for the stars and throw like Mo’ne Davis! It’s time we start equating being a girl with power, strength, intelligence, and having an equal amount to contribute.
·      Budweiser: The lost dog commercial pulled at your heartstrings. You were sad when the puppy got stuck in the trailer and were fearful when the wolf came. But those Clydesdales came to the rescue and friendship won in the end!
·      Microsoft: I will admit I got a bit teary at this one. It was sweet and tender and something real in a barrage of superficiality. Yes this child can have a normal life. We don’t need to “fix” him but to let him reach his potential.
·      Dads: An unofficial theme of the night was the power of being a dad. It was not connected to masculinity, driving a nice car (see below), being “the man” or any of the stereotypes we have thrown at men today. Instead it was about the struggle for a dad to provide (Nissan), to love his little girl (Toyota). The best was the Dove commercial that finally got to the heart of what it means to be a good father – being there. Unlike Nationwide’s marketing department, Dove keeps hitting it out of the ballpark by being real and willing to take a stand against the cliché.
·      Honorable Mentions: Pitch Perfect 2: The cameo from the Packers was classic! Coca-Cola: Yes the world is what we make it – so let’s fill it with a lot more encouragement and a lot less hate. Avocados from Mexico Draft: Classic, clever and funny. McDonalds: Not usually a McD’s fan, but again I like the idea again of kind and reconnecting to those around us: and Mindy Kaling: not a big fan of the actor cameo commercials overall (see below) but Kaling managed to be unique, funny and unexpected at the end.

·      Chevy: Can we get over the stereotype that a man is defined by his car? Driving a truck has no bearing on your masculinity one way or the other. So enough with the sad song for the man driving the other car and the cheap shot at the moped rider.
·      Nationwide: What the heck was that? Not only was the idea of this commercial (the boy never gets to grow up to see his wedding, etc. because he died as a child) morbid and poorly executed, but Nationwide never connects how they would have prevented the child from drowning in the bathtub, eating cleaning products or being attacked by a TV (really?). They said they wanted to start a conversation about preventable child accidental death in the U.S. – hate to tell you Nationwide, you failed! Keep it simple Nationwide and fear is never a good motivator in marketing.
·      Kim Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan, Rex Ryan, Pierce Brosnan, Cheslea Handler, aka most celebrity spots. If the commercial is clever and good, it doesn’t need the backing of a big name. And do not, do NOT built your entire commercial around that person. The Kardashian commercial did not but show how superficial and out of touch Kim is and Lindsey’s walked too close to reality to be clever. Most were not funny but fell very, very flat. 
o   Notable exceptions: Mindy Kaling for Nationwide, Esurance with Brian Cranston and Clash of the Clans with Liam Neeson –all three were clever, well thought out and funny, playing off their projected images without falling too far into it.  

So, what was your favorite/least favorite commercial of the night?

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