01 December, 2014

Hello Monday: World AIDS Day

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a safe and happy holiday weekend. I tried to unplug as much as I could. It was a chance to be with my family and try to evaluate what matters. This time of year, while bringing up reminders of family, friendship and togetherness, can also be a struggle for some who don’t have the ideal family life or have suffered loss during this time. This season can also be a time to reflect on the small things, to not take the joy in your life for granted, and to remember the true meaning behind it all.

Here are some articles that caught my attention last week:

World AIDS Day

Today we stop and remember all those who have died from HIV/AIDS and those still battling the disease. Over 35 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2013 (World Health Organization), mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zonta International is working to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child. Partnering with UNICEF, Zonta has provided over $2.2 million since 2008. Now, “89% of health facilities offer prevention of mother to child transmission services and 62% of HIV+ pregnant women received antiretroviral treatment during pregnancy” (Zonta International). Through this work, UNICEF and Zonta are working on ensuring the next generation is HIV-free.

16 Days of Advocacy

From November 25 – December 10, groups around the world are increasing awareness about violence against women and girls, and to hopefully bring an end to it. Most of this is happening on Facebook. Check out Let ThemHave Faces, Zonta of the Pikes Peak Area or UN Women to find out more. You can also use #16Days on either Facebook or Twitter to find the threads.

Remembering Rosa

It was on December 1, 1955 that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery. This quiet, introverted woman’s defiance started the bus boycott and fueled the call for equality in the South. Read more about her story on A Mighty Girl’s Facebook page.

Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday! I’d like to recommend a few fair trade businesses that are incredible and are doing something to make our world better (plus you support a local business – double score!).

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