24 November, 2014

Hello Monday

Here are some articles from around the web that caught my attention:

Interview With Brandy Vallance

Author Brandy Vallance talks with B.D. Riehl to discuss about her first novel The Covered Deep. She also provides a teaser about her second novel. A charming interview with a truly incredible author.  

No, You Are Not ‘Running Late.’ You Are Rude and Selfish.

A rebuke of those who are always running late and how it has become the acceptable standard in our culture to never show up when you say you will. When did 30 minutes late become the new on time? Greg Savage says what is hard – and reminds us that all of our time is valuable. When you are late, you rob the other person (or persons in a work meeting as Savage points out) of time in their day. It’s selfish and needs to stop.  I hope it is the start of an on-time revolution!

It was a good reminder for me, someone who is always trying to get just one more thing done, and is therefore always five minutes late. But no more!

When Risking it All for God Means Staying Where You Are

Those of us who are adventurers and full of wanderlust are always looking for the next place to go. We see home as a temporary stopover (one that might last years, but a stopover nonetheless!) and are always checking the horizon for the next thing.

Kris Beckert asks: What if, more often than not, the riskier thing to do for God is to stay exactly where you are and keep doing what you’re doing for the time being? … What if we should be allowing our feet to sink in a while and keep at the hard, dirty, messy work in which we’re involved?

Another excellent book on the topic of digging deep where you are is The Wisdom of Stability by Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove.  

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