07 August, 2013

Reading to a New World

Move over Hunger Games there is a new thriller triology out there that is an excellent story without relying on the cliches of love triangles and unrequitted crushes. I started it this weekend and I am hooked. Its been a while since I've read a book that has pulled me in so well that I had to force myself not to read it so we could get anything else done. 

Divergent follows the story of one girl, Beatrice, who, at 16, is forced to pick which "faction" she wants to join. Each teenager is given the choice - to stay where they are from or move somewhere new. There are five factions - each personified by personality traits (patience, adventerous, intelligent, etc.). Beatrice (who changes her name to Tris) chooses to change factions, meaning she leaves behind her family and all she has ever known, to join a group she thinks she would enjoy based on outside preceptions. 

Each teenager, prior to their choosing, is given a test. Beatrice's test comes out oddly - she is Divergent - meaning she does not fit into a faction. Told to keep her results a secret, Beatrice is forced to carry that secret as she moves into her new life. She struggles to figure out who to trust and struggles with going back to where she never quite fit, but knew vs. what seemed to blissful from the outside, but isn't all it appeared to be. 

I am still reading it. But for me, the ability to fall into a new world is definitely a blessing - something that makes me happy and relaxed. 


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