30 July, 2013

Gratitude - Day 2

An article on Inc. reconfirmed my desire to grow in gratitude.

Send a thankful message. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that helps us enjoy what we have. Evoke it right now by sending an email, text or letter to someone who has helped you in some way. Thank them for what they have done for you, however small. It's easy and quick and one study has found that practicing gratitude can increase happiness 25%.

I have come to realize that what we concentrate on every day affects how we act, what we choose to see and our mood.

dog, einstein, couchToday I am grateful for my puppy - Einstein. He is a rescue dog. At 8 years old he found himself at the local animal shelter. We went in and just fell in love with him. I remember sitting in the visiting room with him. He just laid by D's leg and shook, the barking that echoed off the walls threatening. We took him home, got all the supplies for a dog - a bed, a water dish, some toys, a leash, food and hoped he would fit in.

Six months later I could not imagine life without him. He is a lap dog, a scratch my belly dog, a lie on your feet during dinner dog, a I want to be where the action is dog. When D works at home or I am doing homework D just lies under the desk by our feet. He is wherever you are. He loves being outside, keeps our front yard free from squirrels, organizes all of his toys in his kennel and is part of our family to the core. I have never owned a dog before and I cannot imagine things without E.

It's amazing the comfort, peace and calm dogs can bring.

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