20 May, 2013

moments of disappointment

It’s been a while. Sometimes life gets away from us and suddenly five months has gone by without a post.

I thought at this point I’d have exciting news to share! I thought I would get to write about a new venture for my husband and I, about a dream taking shape, about our movement into a new stage.

Instead, I get to write about disappointment.

My husband and I were pursuing the purchase of a coffeehouse. We were going to use it as a place to engage within the community, to have honest, hard conversations about violence and current issues. We were going to give back to local nonprofits and create a place to be creative, build community and just be.

We had found the perfect location, a cute little coffeehouse ten minutes from our house, with tons of charm and lots of potential. But, in the end, got out bid for the property.

I was heartbroken. Devastated really. This was a dream I could see, touch, taste, it was reality to me. It was so real and vivid – so to have it taken away so decisively was a blow.

I have to admit it still stings. We have looked into other coffee shops and other locations but nothing feels as right as that little place on the corner did. We have decided to wait on starting something realizing this might not be where we want to settle long-term.

It is what you do in moments of disappointment that reveal where your faith truly lies.

I trust that in the right time it will all come together, that the vision will come back as strong as it was before and that we will be able to find the investors and backers we need. I hope someday we can make this dream a reality, that we can engage and give back as we want to, that we can tie into the organizations we love in a unique way. But for now, we are scanning the horizon for the next chapter while loving where we are and making the most out of it.

How have you handled having a dream put on hold? 

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