25 December, 2012

On the First Day of Christmas...

Did you know that the 12 Days of Christmas actually symbolize the 12 days after Christmas? The dates go from December 25  to January 5th (which is Epiphany) and celebrates the arrival of the Magi to see Jesus.

This year I want to reflect back on 2012 and list something I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for the family I married into. I got married in June and am now a step mom to three amazing kids. I use the term "kids" loosely as they are high school/college age. Still, I am blessed to have them in my life. My husband is amazing, and his kids are truly incredible. We get along well and have seemingly been able to slowly build a relationship. Their humor, laughter, joy and perspective on things bring so much to my life. I admit we do not see them as much as I would like, but that makes each dinner that much more special and opportunities to engage with them something to take seriously. They are different in temperament, hobbies, passions, etc. but already they have taught me a lot about myself, about how to love others and about the joys of being a parent.

On this first day of Christmas I am especially thankful for the three kids whose lives I now get to be a part of. 

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