27 December, 2012

Day Three: Engagement

It was a cool morning as we started on our hike. It was a place of deep meaning, the park where we first met, taking pictures, two photographers enjoying the day. We wandered the valley close to my parent’s house talking and laughing, enjoying the first nice weekend day of 2012.

We had a fun breakfast at a local favorite just before setting out. Now we were ready to capture the sun and be outside before the wind kicked up and we remembered it was February.

Over the river and through the woods we seemed to go, down this trail and up this one. We climbed to a crest where we could see the mountains to one side and the city to the other. While we walked I rambled about how very happy I am with this man beside me. How our talks about our future, a future that is simple and honest and intertwined, seems to be the best of us and that while I am macro, he is micro, while I like to work with groups, he prefers one on one. While I meet with a local group to help them feel more empowered, he would be working with one person on a woodworking project or stained glass or repairing a bike. And that future can come whether we are in Colorado, DC, Europe or living in an RV across the American plains.

Finally we saw a park bench and sat down. I take some shots of the view of Pike’s Peak and the mountains rising to reach it. He takes my camera and sets it beside him. I look at him as he says we can have what I’ve described, that we’ve overcome so much, first as friends, now as loves, making a life that includes his kids and my silly passions. It will be good, simple, us. Then before I realize what is happening he is down on his knee, he asks me to marry him, to start that life.

I cry. I cry for all that’s already happened and what will come. I cry for the love, support, compassion and strength I get from D. I cry for joy because at 28 I am facing the person I want to spend my life with.

I say yes. He unwraps the ring – the perfect ring for me – and slides it onto my finger. We celebrate that moment. He kisses me and we watch the mountains for a bit, at peace and overjoyed.

We take a different way back and end up by the riverbed which is ice covered. We take some photographs. Somehow while doing what we were doing in the beginning, at the place we met, taking photos and enjoying the day, I realize that life does bend in really unpredictable ways and while we never know what each day will bring, I am blessed and humbled by all that has come my way.

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