28 December, 2012

Day Four: A New Home

In January D bought a house. It is a lovely 1920's home close to downtown. It is small and quirky. I helped him find the home. As we walked through a dozen homes, I tried to imagine a life with D. This was before we got engaged, but I knew I wanted to be with D long before he asked. As we would go room by room, looking at older homes with antique (shall we say) fixtures, dulled paint and memories I'll never know, I tried to picture quiet nights for D & I, meals with his kids, a place for his son to be... We looked at a lot of homes, but something about this home stuck.

He loved it immediately, it took me time to catch up. We walked through and talked about pulling old cabinets and creating a nook for me to work in, redoing the hardwood floors, repainting, making the home ours.

We've worked together in the home, worked to hang our pictures and build our own memories. We brought my stuff over before the wedding, when I moved to my parents' for a few weeks, and when I came in on our wedding night, I really was moving home.

I realize a home is more than a door and some windows and walls. Home is where you can rest, where you can release and where you can feel safe. I have that in our home.

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