03 April, 2012

Going to the chapel

Wedding plans are coming along. Already we have the major things decided - date, venue, an officiant, the dress, wedding party and their attire. It's fun. To be honest I don't get the stressed out bride thing. Just tackle one thing at a time. I've been reading A Practical Wedding and it's helped a lot. it's helped to put this day into perspective. This is not the wedding of the century, this is my fiancé and me committing forever to each other. It's about a promise, the joining of two lives and it is more important to me to build for that than to worry if people will care that we are not serving alcohol.

So now comes the fun part - the details. We are trying to find a singer, figuring out centerpieces and bouquets, what to give away and the like. We had a very fun convo with our caterer last week. I'm excited for the food, which I have been told to designate someone to make sure I actually get to taste.

My good friend will be coming out to take the photos. Have Pupillo out here will make it more incredible.

Details are coming. With less than three months to go, I feel relatively calm and ready for what is coming. I only wish it was tomorrow and not so far away.

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