23 January, 2012

A New Home

Some exciting news -- over the weekend D closed on a house! We've been looking since early summer and finally found one we both really loved. It is exciting. We went over and popped the champagne we've been holding onto since New Years. His kids came over and we ate pizza on the floor. 

It was built in the 1920's. It is still downtown which D and I wanted. It is close to work, to the shops and restaurants we love, on a very quiet street. It has two stories, three bedrooms, and one bathrooms. The garage outside will give D the space for his wood shop and I've already claimed a space in the basement for my creative nook!

Now comes the task of making it ours! Someone was there bright and early Saturday to take off the dingy old stain on the hardwood and put down a fresh new coat. We went with a natural stain that really shows off the wood and lightens up the rooms.  

Beyond that we will be repainting, pulling out some old cabinets, redoing a downstairs office area. There is a very old, somewhat unstable, "modified" garage in the backyard we are debating what to do with. At some point we might tear it down and start again.

In the backyard is room for a garden. There might even be enough space on the front porch for a swing! I will keep you updated on the renovation. More "before" photos coming soon!

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