02 January, 2012

A look towards 2012

Looking back over the last few years it is hard to connect where I was to where I am. I have written off my 26th year all together, there is not much there that is good or worth remembering. 2011 started off incredibly difficult but, by the end, was overflowing with blessings and joy. As the year went on it was as if I shed the things that were hindering me, the anchors around my feet that kept me tethered in fear, and found a place to be still, rest and flourish.

Looking towards 2012 I want this rejuvenation and growth to continue. For the first time in a long time I feel unencumbered and free - it's incredible.

With what is behind and what is to come in mind I jotted down what I hope to get out of this year:

- Be thankful: tell others what they have done in my life.
- Focus on the little things: little joys, victories, moments of quiet, discoveries.
- Focus more: stop multitasking, stop procrastinating, & kick fear to the curb!
- Be consistent: with friends, goals, relationships and love.
- Creativity: do it, learn it, pursue it, embrace it.

Here's to love, to growing more with my best friend, to merging life with my confidant, fellow adventurer, love - my DD.

Here's to increased family, to the kids, new adventures, new friendships to be formed, memories to be made.

Here's to leaving the past behind - letting go of old hurts, embracing current joys, realizing that each painful situation leads to growth and opportunity.

Here's to honesty, with myself and others, in who I am, in how I feel, in how life can be better lived between us.

Here is 2012 - and all that it holds.

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