07 December, 2011

Pearl Harbor

Remember today

Remember those who gave their lives. Remember those who sacrificed. Remember the more than 2,000 American soldiers lost their lives in an attack that took only two hours.

As the Greatest Generation slowly passes on we lose the perspective they hold. The war that changed so much, for which nothing was the same, that affected generations and still lingers... The war that we have lost the impact from, a war that perhaps defines sacrifice and unity and perseverance... It comes back to an action - a surprise assault on a Sunday morning that changed everything.

I don't know how to process. I think it should be deliberated and thought over. But take time today to remember those who died, those who served, those who were called and all that came after this attack. And as the Greatest Generation fades from us, let the lessons they helped mark on our memories never be left behind.

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