13 October, 2011

Dear Online Friend...

So I saw this video and was amazed. It is the story of online love. It forces the question of really how well do we know each other? This boy falls in love with a girl through her photos and her songs and her words - and later starts to realize how false it all is. This is not You've Got Mail, but something more  real life.

It is true that too often who we claim to be online is not true. This internet thing, the instant access on Facebook is good, but too often it lends itself to fantasy. We are playing something like "The Sims" online and assume that those we are talking to are really who they say they are. There is a level of vulnerability online, which is something I don't understand. People online reveal things they don't tell their best friend to someone they barely know. Why?

Is it easier? Is it that we are too busy to sit down with someone real and so we will open up, almost instantly sometimes, with someone we really barely know? It is so prevalent, let's be honest.  I will admit I've fallen for someone online, someone "I thought I knew" who was nothing like it. And looking back things that didn't add up seem to obvious, but at the time I did not connect.

I am intrigued to see the film, and will save ultimate judgment for that, but in the meantime, watch this 20/20 episode.

link: http://abc.go.com/watch/2020/SH559026/VD55141498/2020-828-dear-beautiful

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