05 November, 2009

"Your Hands"

So this might be one of my favorite songs of all time. JJ Heller is one of the greatest undiscovered talents out there. Go to iTunes NOW and buy her album. I like Painted Red marginally more than Only Love Remains and The Pretty & the Plain- but they are both fantastic albums with songs that pierce my soul repeatedly.

"Your Hands" is one of those songs. It is so simple and yet profound. There will always be things we wish were not there. And God never promises it won't hurt. Yet regardless of what is happening He is there and we never leave His hands. This song comes back to me at the times I can't find much else to rely on. I think I live in grace - without God I am nothing, without God I would not be here, it is as simple as that. And in that simplicity is the realization that He does want nothing but the best for His children and that He hates the evil in the world as much as we do and longs to see us restored to Him. He is there is the midst of the pain, the uncertainty, the break of our souls, the dark night in our hearts. He is there when we question, when we cry out, when we are in pain. He is there when nothing and no one else is - and in that security is freedom and release and rest...

"Your hands that shaped the world, are holding me, they hold me still.... When my world is shaking heaven stands, when my heart is breaking I never leave your hands."

JJ is giving away her Christmas album for free - to download go here:

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