12 October, 2009

close your eyes - and dream.

So I promise to one day, soon, do an actual posting. Internet is sketchy in Nyagatare at the moment, and beyond that, I seem unable to write about what's going on - and so I write nothing instead. God is good and doing a grand work in me, but it's hard to post on a work in progress.

Things were Unsaid, and now, somehow, this lullaby seems appropriate. I'm not sure what's going on, but I go from feeling open to God, ready to deal with what I could never find the time (and strength) to muster and face in the US. And just wanting to be told that this pain won't be forever. That, regardless of how hollow I feel right now, I am in the Potter's hands and He won't leave until He has created a new work in me, one that is all His own.

She walked by the ocean, and waited for a star, to carry her away.
Feelin' so small, at the bottom of the world, lookin' up to God.

She tries to take deep breaths, to smell the salty sea, as it moves over her feet.
The water pulls so strong, and no-one is around, and the moon is looking down.

Saying, Rosie - come with me, close your eyes - and dream.

The big ships are rolling, and lighting' up the night, and she calls out, but they just pass her by. The waves are crashing, but not making a sound, just mouthing along.

Saying, Rosie - come with me, close your eyes and dream. Close your eyes and dream, close your eyes and dream...

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