01 June, 2009

Interns invade DC

Contented Sigh. Summer. School is out. The weather is amazing. Interns and tourist flood the city.

Ok, maybe the only downside (really) of living in DC is the flood of tourists that invade DC. The only thing worse than tourist (locusts) are interns. Interns who come to work on the Hill and think they are all that because the work on the Hill (really, you’re making coffee (if you’re lucky!)).

DCist provides a very good reminder list for all interns coming to DC. I especially want to highlight:

4) Shut up.

6) Get out of my way If I'm on the street, I'm trying to get somewhere, and so is everyone else. There are, like, actual places to get to here, and some of us are trying to get to them and you are getting in our way so stop standing in the middle of the sidewalk.

And I would add reminders from my own list:

2 - Use your head.

9 - There are no animated characters here.

DCers really are nice people. But the biggest thing about DC is to learn your place, or lack of place, or to realize you are just the same as everyone else. So you are not more important because you intern for Senator X or at government agency X or NGO X.

You are going to be gone in three months. Some of us will still be here - so be kind to the people who live in DC and treat our city with respect. This might be a here and now for you, but this is my home. I don’t come to middle America and stand in the middle of your street or go to your college and treat the employees with disrespect – so don’t do it here.

I guess, what I want to say is: grow up, open your eyes, shut up (for once) and be considerate. Because no one is impressed and working hard and being attentive goes a lot further then spouting your obviously ignorant opinion.

There is a lot to learn in DC. So pull yourself out of yourself (or your tourist book) and let DC teach you something.

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