26 February, 2009

Um, what are you watching?

How do we decide what we watch on TV or listen to on the radio?

Kat proposes this threshold:

Would I want my daughter to be this actress
and do what’s being done on the screen?

She further goes on to explain:

If you don’t have a daughter, what if it was your wife. Or your mom. Or any woman you esteem, value and love.

Would you watch all the shows and movies you watch? Honestly? Take a minute to really and truly think about it.

Because here’s the thing - the girl on the screen IS SOMEONE’S DAUGHTER. And just because her parents didn’t place value in her (or because she never believed it) doesn’t make it right for me to be entertained by something that would break my heart if she was my daughter.

Being slightly removed from a situation doesn’t make it right. Because we’re watching it on a plasma screen instead of in person doesn’t make it ok. There is still a woman being devalued. And whether she cares or makes lots of money for it is irrelevant.

Her brokenness should not be our entertainment.

I don’t think God’s dream for her when she was born was to do a heated love scene in front of millions of viewers. She is a treasure to Him, just like you are.

I agree with Kat. There needs to be a better measure of what we find acceptable. The truth is the majority of what is put out these days is junk. Though, I do think the arts are a reflection of a culture. How many movies/shows glorify adultery and make the wife the villain? How many promote lack of respect for each other and provide this idea that everyone is dispensable and a life unmimportant to you = it actually being meaningless?

We need to reclaim something here. We can't rally for women's rights or equality or morality with one hand - and then support Desperate Housewives or Gray's Anatomy with the other. We need to be the same in word and deed - and if the viewership drains up then the shows get canceled. I understand getting sucked into the plot and that it's mindless entertainment... In fact, some friends and I were watching Into the Wild earlier this year and there is one scene of about five minutes of needless nudity. There are some exhibitionists close to the main character. He watches them but they don't add anything to the story. My friends wanted to fast forward through the scene and I made some comment along the lines of, "Come on guys, it's not like we haven't all seen it before!" To which someone answered, "That doesn't mean we're all comfortable with it..."

Just because it's there and our society doesn't see anything wrong with it doesn't mean we should indulge.

"Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible, but not everything builds up." (1 Cor 10:23)

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