25 January, 2009

New Beginnings

Babies, babies everywhere!

Two of my friends had babies this weekend... Congrats to Laura and Abby who have beautiful new daughters to keep them company and bring them joy!

For me, the birth of a child is one of the majesties that makes me believe in God. The thousands of things that have to come together to get a child with ten fingers and ten toes who can breathe outside the womb instantly - only God could have made something so intricate and beautiful. I watched three of my four nieces be born - and it is incredible. The start of life, the first cry, the release after severe agony - only to have something so tiny suddenly totally dependent on you... I love the way newborns tiny hands grasp your finger. I always wonder if I was ever that small. Even my nephews I can't remember their infancy. My oldest nieces are six and even comparing them to a newborn... It's amazing how small we all what we start off...

For all my nostalgia with babies - I wonder if I could ever have one. Some women long to be pregnant, to have life within them, to grow, to swell, to loose sight of their feet, and to have a time in their lives it's culturally acceptable to out grow all your clothes. Labor is a fierce undertaking for the joy of having something you made on the other side. Call me weird but this process has no appeal to me. People laugh when I say I have no desire to produce children, but it's true. I've always been a advocate for adoption. There are plenty of children in the U.S. (and world if done properly!) who need a loving home and someone to tuck them into bed and be there for them... Parenting is hard. But every child deserves the chance to grow up in a stable, safe home.

All that to say, my sister is pregnant, due in May. I am excited to be there for the birth, to welcome and hold niece number 5. Hopefully our world will come to a place someday where women everywhere have access to a safe and assisted delivery...

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