24 January, 2009

Moving On...

I am taking it easy today. I woke-up early and am in the process of cleaning my apt.

In a few weeks I am moving into my friend's house. I am excited for several reasons:

1 - It will force me to purge my life. I currently live alone and so have acquired "cheap" versions of what people should have in a home. My kitchen table is rickety, my sofa second hand... I am looking forward to getting rid of these things and the mindless clutter that I have stored around. It is a big deal to go from a 600 square foot studio to a bedroom in a house!

2 - Community. I am looking forward to being in community again. I am moving in with my friend and her husband - which some might take as odd, but I really do find it refreshing. In realizing I need to have someone around to talk to, debrief my day with, and keep me from becoming a complete recluse, I realized I really wanted to live with a couple or a family. There is no desire in me to go back to my college days of living with six girls in a three bedroom apartment (yes I did that). I don't want to be in that forced, single community. I want to live with a family, a couple, a set of people to have dinner with and occasionally hang out with, but not have our interactions tied or dependent on each other.

3 - What's next! I am going to Rwanda this spring and I can't wait! Beyond the obvious deduction in rent (yay!) and community and journey to simplicity, moving in with my friend puts me in the perfect holding pattern for what's next. Maybe I will love Rwanda and go there for a year (or more!), maybe I will stay where I am and settle into this next time, maybe I will randomly quit my job and travel the world (London anyone!?!?) and take a global adventure Into the Wild.

Change always seems to come in stages for me. I change my apt, my job, my friends, my circumnstances in one swoops. It's not one at a time, but all at once. I have loved my studio and will miss some of the freedom and solitude it gives. A lot has happened here - I have wrestled with God in a way that can only come with being alone. But now I need to learn to live in openness and honesty with other people. We cannot stay in the desert forever, but the occassional retreat is nice...

To what is next...

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