11 November, 2008

Definitions of Cowardice

1) attacking food aid that is going to children, who are dying or suffering from malnutrition most likely because of you...

- -

2) bombing a bus of schoolgirls and then detonating another bomb as people come to help

It ranks right up there with raping a woman. How much of a man do you have to be to attack food aid going to starving children, or blow up a bus of schoolgirls, or rape a woman mercilessly while her family watches? Wow, I hope you feel proud of yourself and strong and like a man now. (Sorry, it just gets hard to take in some days...)

Don't forget to pray and press on for the Congo:

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While the US praises (or protects) Nkunda, "President Joseph Kabila refuses to meet with Nkunda, and his government considers the rebel leader a criminal." (From NewsHour) I think Kabila has the correct perception of Nkunda and his criminal intentions for the country.

Keeping praying for this conflict to end, for the US to become a neutral party in the conversation, and for the church in Africa (and Rwanda especially) to move in & help those who are suffering because of the instability.

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