02 October, 2008

Today's Reading

So, who will you reach out to today? Brad suggests the following four people:

- a close friend who lives in another state that you haven’t talked to in several months

- a former employee or work peer who might need some encouragement

- an “unreachable” (out of your league) mentor or hero who has greatly inspired or impacted you from afar.

- a coach, teacher or pastor who greatly influenced you during your childhood or teen years.

Half way to the MDG and it’s time to take account of where we are. At the core of the assessment: “Just throwing money at the problem, however, is not the answer.”

Here is an idea – leaders taking responsibility for the development of their country instead of relying on the US to do it. The advantage: he is a millionaire in his own right and can fund the development himself. Then again, given the amount of foreign aid that disappears before it reaches the people my guess is a lot of governments could do it too.

This MTV show makes me puke, and turning the developing world into a media hype doesn’t sit well with me either. Maybe instead thoughtlessly revealing how a) selfish these girls are and b) how “primitive” other countries are – perhaps they should give the people there dignity and reveal their appreciation of their culture. Kudos to MTV for showing people how to react at the end of their episodes – but I still have to wonder if there is not a more dignified way of getting their message across… (and part of me still really struggles with making development trendy…)

For men (and women) it could pay more to think about stereotypes. For men it pays to perpetuate them, for women, it pays to break them.

In the same right, thinking you are beautiful can have surprising effects

And a random thought for you:

Feeling that morality has nothing to do with the way you use the resources of the world is an idea that can’t persist much longer. If it does, then we won’t.

- Barbara Kingsolver, Backtalk

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