14 October, 2008

Fill in the Blank

How would you fill in the blank?

Ragamuffin Soul writes:

If I would only [blank], then they'd know I was a Christian...

I would have to say that If I would only understand half of who God is, then they would know I was a Christian...


I just started "The Attributes of God" by Tozer and in it he writes,

"...but reason nevertheless kneels and acknowledges that God is infinite... God knows no limits, no bounds, no ends. What God is, He is without boundaries. All that God is, He is without bounds or limits.

Later he continues,

We educated Americans can create gods just the same as the heathen can. You can make a god out of silver or wood or stone - or you can make it out of your own imagination. And the god that's being worshiped in many places is simply a god of imagination. He is not the true God. He's not the infinite, perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, all-loving, infinitely boundless, perfect God. He is something (very) short of that. Christianity is decaying and going down into the gutter because the god of modern Christianity is not the God of the Bible.

How would I be different if I started loving, worshiping and living close to the True God and not the one I've confined to a box so I can "manage" Him?

How would I live if I truly understood who He is, what He made, what He did and what that means to me and how I am to relate/treat others?

How would the church act if we understood His infinite love and grace extend to ALL, not just those who fit our mold, look like us, or come from "acceptable" circumstances? What if we realized that being a ragamuffin, marginalized, rebellious and meek is just what He had planned...

His Church will be built by those who can see people as they are, not as we want them to be.

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