24 October, 2008

25 at 25

I am turning 25 today. I know for some of you that makes you feel very old, but I’m sorry, I could not stay little three year old Yoda forever, with my disheveled hair, and my non-matching clothes, and my sassiness, and a speech impediment that only appears when my best friend fondly remembers that time...

So, I am a quarter-of-a-century old, which still does not seem possible. If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I saw myself I would have answered something like, “Living overseas, doing development work and being a vagabond.” Now I am doing development work and DC is a different culture for many, so, let it not be said that God does not have a sense of humor.

I decided this year to look forward instead of back, and so I give you...

25 Things I Want to Accomplish in My 25 Year:

1. Go to Asia & Europe
2. Actually Publish my Book!
3. Read Les Miserables
4. Become a Better Communicator
5. Know God in a REAL Way
6. Learn Flash
7. Finish French
8. Start Selling my Photos on Etsy
9. Go to CA to see my grandparents
10. Go to Pittsburgh to see Trista and her little one
11. Get to New Haven, CT and see the Tates
12. Become Healthy
13. Actually be on Time for Birthdays :-)
14. Start Biking to Work
15. Have a Regular Quiet Time
16. Go to Rwanda (+ the DRC!!!)
17. Become Someone who is Loving and Gracious
18. Take a Tap Class
19. Find a Kindred Spirit in DC.
20. Become who He made Me to be
21. Learn to Play the Piano (or advance beyond chopsticks)
22. Read a Book a Week
23. Become a more Intentional (Stronger) Advocate
24. Watch the Sunrise from a Monument
25. Show the city I love to my Sister

A lot has happened in a year, someday I will sit down and actually put it all on paper. But looking back I realize the sassiness has stayed, as has the disheveled hair and mismatched clothes…

To another year, to growing and becoming strong, to living and (still) learning to love, to having a heart reconstructed by the One who knows me more intimately than any other.

Happy Birthday!

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