13 September, 2008

What I'm Reading - Weekend Edition

Will you need an umbrella today? Go here to find out.

100 most powerful women in the world according to Forbes.

How can we not know about this? Has the news said anything about Afghanistan, or are we too busy talking about pigs and lipstick?

And on that same note, FP asks us if we think it was a good idea that Bush held his annual t-ball game at the same time the Freddie and Fannie bailouts were being announced. Question - how are they interrelated? I am so sick of people attacking Bush for his "leisurely" activities. What did they want him to do? Stand behind the Treasury secretary and reassure us, or not say anything at all (which he still would have been bashed for p.s.)? How does him hosting an annual event have ANY impact of the message the secretary gave? Answer - it doesn't! I will admit the 9/11 delay in FL was not right and the response time in Katrina was horrid. But come on - I don't remember Clinton's "leisurely" activities being scrutinized this much - even when he was being impeached for them... (see old fall back attacks are annoying!)

Now to two things that do matter:

The DRC and the continued rape there that goes unreported by US media (but not HBO surprisingly) that would rather discuss inane "politics". And Haiti - which we can't talk about because it would put the "damage" in the south this time around into perspective...

But to end on a light note:

Art should mediate as a servant of humanity" says Mako Fujimura whose art is featured in this month's Christianity Today.

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