29 September, 2008


How is this justice for anyone? One woman is raped and so make it better the men of that family go and rape the mother of the rapists. Furthermore, the rapists of the first woman server less than a 1/3 of their sentence - and the government won't even admit that is signed the pardon.

In any situation where rape is seen as the woman's fault - and the act of rape is accepted as "something men do" there can never be true justice. Sex is a choice - and women - whether a stranger, your wife, a prostitute or whomever always has the right to say no. There is no "claim" a man can make on a woman that makes forced sex ok. It's time for men to step up and be men and put the men who abuse women in any way on the outskirts of society.

(it just makes me so mad! we are not second class citizens - we are women - and it's not a feminist thing - it's a human rights, respect, decency thing!)

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