06 September, 2008


Haiti has been pounded for the last few weeks by a string of hurricanes. The one that hit New Orleans last weekend casting, a best, a big rain storm, pummeled the tiny island before moving to the U.S. but, as The Guardian points out, we won't take notice until it hits us.

We had a member of our Haiti staff at work this week. He spoke to his wife at night, who told him stories of water 5 meters (roughly 15 feet) deep. There was a woman in a village who had had a c-section days before. She was too weak to crawl onto the roof with the rest of her family. Her husband tried to help her, but to no avail - she drowned. Her death, like the hundreds (if not thousands) across Haiti will not be mentioned or mourned by our national media.

Aid work continues, as reported by USAID, The NYTimes, and The Guardian. This video, and pictures from The BBC and others help reveal the reality of this struggling Caribbean country.

And what about Haiti's forthcoming lack of food? The flood destroyed what little crops they did have. So, perhaps, expect more riots and cries from the people when they cannot feed their already hungry families. The people who lost everything in the floods - don't have the basic of needs of food, water, or shelter.

Did I mention trafficking in children is up? It's true. More children (and this was before the flood) are being kidnapped and killed. Some are being taken, or sold, into domestic servitude or the sex industry. Expect more as the chaos of the disasters settle in. Predators love situations like this - they can steal children in the confusion, smuggling them out with fake passports. Expect trafficking in children to only increase.

We must help the people of Haiti, we must care for our brothers and sisters who are struggling... The pain will just keep coming. Ike is getting ready to pound this already broken nation. To help - please go to The Red Cross, Compassion, or WHI.

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