07 September, 2008


I am rediscovering my love of Bebo Norman. Old, classic Bebo - "Fabric of Verse" and "Ten Thousand Days" Bebo. I lost "Big Blue Sky" in the great cranberry juice incident of last summer - and just re-downloaded it from iTunes - it like reconnecting to an old friend. I can remember many of nights of joy and tears being backgrounded with Bebo. His voice is soothing, his songs deep and deliberate - I think I'm falling all over again!

My top 5 Bebo Songs:

1 - Man Inside
2 - A Page is Turned
3 - Hammer Holds
4 - All That I have Sown
5 - Great Light of the World

I have to admit that The Man Inside was the first song I heard about becoming a Christian. It was playing the next day in the Com as I folded laundry. I love the Man Inside - it makes me want to dance and move and praise Him. It has become an anthem of sorts - and is, sadly, an often overlooked Bebo Norman song. A Page is Turned will be played at my wedding, All That I Have Sown at my funeral. The other two are songs of humble worship that come from a place of being close to God. All in all, he is a great artist. I have fallen off the Bebo wagon as of late, but his early stuff is too good to pass up. If you only get one Bebo album download "Ten Thousand Days" - it's by far the best.

Here is Number 5:

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