30 September, 2008

Am I an optimist?

I was called an optimist last night – no really it’s true.

(you can stop laughing now)

It came as a dead serious comment regarding another person’s view vs. mine on life. While “optimistic” is a term that is applied to me … well never, it got me thinking as to my true view on the world.

I tend to be a realist. I see the world for what it is. I tend to see pain in an objective view - while empathizing with those who have been hurt and abused. I tend to get riled up by stupid people not caring for the poor/hurting/vulnerable – and governments that line their pockets while their people starve and die from treatable diseases. It makes me mad that the rich/powerful gloss over and ignore those who are not like them. I get tired of rich fat white men talking about doing something and yet never actually doing anything. I am livid that governments can be bought off by big money and rich corporations instead of doing what is right – and by the fact that things like rape, incest, kidnapping, child soldiers and slavery are actually things that have to be discussed to determined if it’s “wrong.” I should never have to tell you why a woman being raped in the Congo is something you should give a crap about and move to stop. She’s not a talking point, she’s a woman who is suffering – deeply – in a war you (or rich, powerful, government man) helped start (and maintain).

Yet, I see hope - and I think people working together, and caring for each other, can change things. I firmly believe trafficking can be stopped and the wars in the DRC and Northern Uganda can end. But I realize it's going to be hard - and selfish people are going to have to be forced to change. I don't think it's human nature to reach out and help - but I think we have been instilled with the love and a drive to want to engage with others. The closer you get to God's heart the more you want to help - because in caring and fighting for others it displays a love that transcends all of my ability to give. We are called to bring God's kingdom here on earth - and if we are walking with Him (fighting for the marginalized, poor, hurting, the widow and orphans - living out Matthew 25 ) that is how change comes.

But I don’t think I am an optimist – but I’m not a hell in a hand basket person either.

I am a realist. (or an accountability-ist if there is such a thing)

Or maybe I am just too logical.

Still my co-workers got a good chuckle out of my new title.

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