20 August, 2008

What I’m reading:

Global Food Hierarchy - First world countries want to “secure” their food sources by acquiring farm land in the third world. Governments, instead of keeping the necessary food to feed their people, are selling their crops to the highest bidder… And the hungry/poor continue to be thought of last.

“A 16-year-old Saudi girl drank a bottle of bleach in an attempt to commit suicide to escape a forced marriage to a 75-year-old man, press reports revealed Sunday.” The article says the courts can punish a father for this – but somehow I doubt retribution will fall on him

A map of the Olympic venues in relation to the events of the Tienanmen Massacre in 1989. In the excitement of the Olympics it’s good to remember those who lost their lives in Tienanmen Square for freedoms that still have not come.

The House of Parliament burns in Egypt. The photos are incredible. The cause is unknown.

Are they wings or horns, no wait, they’re ears!

India is going to try and increase condom usage by marketing it with cell phones. Don’t see how they’re interrelated – but if you want the ringtone you can get it…

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