05 August, 2008

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The church comes face to face with sexually based violence at a conference in Mexico City. It’s time the church wakes up to the fact this is going on and realizes it has a responsibility to help these women and children (same with trafficking, just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean the church can pretend it doesn’t exist…) Especially when 1 and 3 women is a victim of violence.

Mere Orthodoxy has become one of my favorite blogs. Here are a few that have caught my attention:

4 Theoretical Problems with Writing
The Lost Virtue of Restraint

Want to see what Shanghai will look like in 2020?

What is appropriate to tell children? Is it okay to fully explain why September 11th happened? Or what happened in Zimbabwe or Burma? Or who Hilter was? We live in a culture where parents cannot always decide what their children will encounter – from TV, newspapers, and the internet – so where is that line between age relevance and honesty? Freakonomics is on the case

Microfinance can be a loan or it can be an investment. It can be through a donation to an organization or a project. There is banking microloans and then business investment. (I would argue) that one is not better than the other and perhaps they should feed into each other. For a women who needs a $20 loan to rent a stand at the local market to sell her home made cocoa lotion – having investors doesn’t make a lot of sense, but as she expands and has to get a bigger loan to buy land and build a fair-trade (fairly-made) factory – getting investors involved could be good. But in a time of internet investors there needs to be boundaries and limits to their level of input in terms of feedback and hands on interactions. For any organization seeking to do more “investment microfinance” their first priority must always be to the loan recipient and their best interest and sustainability.

Kurt Vonnegut's writing tips...

Women and Children left behind in India and China’s economic booms

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