09 August, 2008

What I'm Reading - Weekend Edition

Man on Wire

Top rated documentary of when French daredevil Philippe Petit walked across (and back, and back) the World Trade Towers in 1974. He was up there for over 45 minutes.

Review 1 and 2.

Who owns the North Pole?

Chris Blattman in Liberia

Does a working mother hurt their family?

This blogger tell us to be weary of an all or nothing response

What kind of full-time job does the mother have? A job which makes her come home totally stressed out, or a job which gives her ample opportunity for self-development and which is a source of satisfaction? … Is there a caring father around, and how many hours does he work?

The DRC and the Olympics.

They sent five Olympians this year! (track and field, judo, swimming and boxing.) But far from using the chance to mention the war in the east or the way the country is being raped of its natural resources NBC boils the DRC down to the “rumble in the jungle” of Ali. Seriously!?!?! I hate American news!

My thoughts on the Olympics

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