12 August, 2008

Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates

Andrew Osenga's amazing song is the expression of my broken and bruised being. I love it. It makes me cry and find freedom and dance and worship - it gives me hope and the reminds of me of the simplest of things: I am free indeed...

The parts that really hit me:

I told myself the habits and secrets were just to get me through, to get me through the nights.
But I got lost in a world of angles, in city of grays and lies.

And I feel it, I taste it the longing to be free. (Oh) The joy of believing like a child...


One day I believe I will open up my eyes just to see the good work that was begun. And I’ll be the only things I’ve ever wanted to be and I’ll know that I belong...

Read the lyrics here.
Download the song (and the rest of his EP album) here for free.

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