06 July, 2008

Why I believe... (part 1)

This is in no way a comprehensive answer, but here it goes.

I believe a loving God exists amidst all the pain of our world.

I believe I was made by a infinitely giving Father who desires nothing but what is good for His children. He knows me intimately and took great care (and joy) in making me (and you!).

God longs to bring good things to His children, to those who will love and follow Him.

Yet, this world is not as He intended - and I can believe because I know this to be true.

The attributes of God are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
and while it may seem they are missing from our world - I would argue that, like God, maybe we need to look harder for them.

I believe in a loving God because love, peace, kindness and restoration exist.

I believe in God because girls coming out of trafficking can laugh again, brutal husbands can become loving, drunkards can be healed, murders can be forgiven (and changed). I believe in God because without Him I am nothing.

I believe in a restorative God because I am still here and I'm all right. I did not succeed in shutting out the world, in losing my family, in falling away. I believe in God because I have the capacity to love, to give, to stand another day. I believe in God because without Him I cannot draw another breath.

I believe in the True Father who has an awesome kingdom to come when children broken by sin and sickness will dance and sing, where families torn apart by hatred and selfishness will experience the selfless love of God, where there will be no pain, strife, anger, hatred, malice, lust, pain, regret, or inequality.

And I believe in God because He invites (and calls!) us to bring this kingdom now. For when He was still on earth He did not tell us to follow a list of do's and don'ts to be His disciples, He did not leave us with works to prove our faith, instead He told us to love Him and love people. And in loving Him we are called to deny everything that hinders us and chase after Him. I believe in an empowering God because I've seen Him empower nations to change and people to move in dramatic ways.

I believe in God because He first believed in me and when I cried I had had enough, He gently called me to Himself and said the fight had only just begun. He gave me His sword, His shield, His breastplate and His promise to be there forever.

I believe in God because He is mine and I am His.

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