18 July, 2008


I am going home tomorrow (woo hoo!). I am excited to get away and see my family and get out of DC.

I have come to realize I am a restless spirit - I need to move constantly - or get a break from wherever I am. I love DC immensely and have no desire to uproot my life - but to just step outside of it for a month, I would treasure that.

I want my feet firmly planted - but take sporadic trips to other places to make new friends and explore.

I need to become a director so I can travel to the field but still come home.

For now, I am addicted to this song - it's AMAZING and beautiful and calls me to question how I live my life and how I treat those around me. If I lived like everyone around me came with purposes written on their hearts and souls and that the redemption and grace I've received calls me to love and to notice His hand all around...how would I be different?

Sara Groves is one of the most intentional, true, and worshipful artists I have encountered. I love her CDs because in their words they call me to more and helps me realize how far from His desires I am. Another good song is All I Need (listen to the background voices).

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