06 June, 2008

What I’m reading:

There are proposed purple and gray lines for Metro in MD. One would link New Carrolton to Bethesda and somewhere in there is Dulles too. The creation of a metro to Dulles is one of the longest running jokes in DC (though actually not that funny…) now the entire project rests with a single agency.

Speaking of mass transit here are the candidates’ views on the subject. With rising airline prices I think a national, well-run, efficient rail system would be good. There is the Acela from Boston to DC. Why not a cross-country train that stopped in NY, DC, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver and LA? It would only stop there and would run several trains a day. If someone could develop it, make it cost effective and quick, there is already rail laid in this country, it might just work.

The Guardian’s day in pictures – a different view of our world

Chinese students prepare for tests To put it succinctly “It is China's SAT—if the SAT lasted two days, covered everything learned since kindergarten, and had the power to determine one's entire professional trajectory."

DOS 2008 TIP report came out on Wednesday – more thoughts on that to come

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