05 June, 2008

To Fight or not to Fight?

Uganda, Sudan and the DCR have agreed to fight the LRA together according to Reuters. Those around Uganda tire of Kony mocking the peace process and instead using the time to "recruit, abduct and rearm himself to fight on," said Major Paddy Ankunda, Uganda's military spokesman.

Kony has bases in the DRC and the CAR (Central African Republic) and has begun kidnapping children in those countries too.

According to Reuters: Kony and two of his deputies are wanted for multiple war crimes such as massacres, rapes and abducting children to use as sex slaves and fighters in the 21-year civil war.

LRA negotiators continue to stall on behalf of their leader, claiming Kony still wants a peace agreement. Hollow words when Kony's actions and repeated derailing of the peace process are taken into account. His main beef with the peace agreements: the fact he'll stand trail in Uganda (which seemingly does not bother him) and at the Hague (which does).

Kony has not been seen in months and while his negotiators push for time, he establishes bases in neighboring countries, kidnaps children, rapes little girls, and fosters instability. Kony is not looking for peace - he is trying to rebuild himself somewhere else. Until recently he has had free access to neighboring countries (like countless other rebel armies - but we'll save that for later) but that is stopping.

Should the US intervene? I don't know. My gut says no because what makes this conflict more important than the DRC (where the death toll is 5.5 million and climbing) or Darfur? On the other hand, if the US did intervene perhaps it would open the door to helping these other conflicts. The US should not invade Uganda, it don't need to. Send Rice's secretary's secretary's secretary's and four military men and let Kony know we mean business and when he pushes back begin guarding the border.

Someone knows where Kony is. The governments of neighboring countries are annoyed - they would more than likely turn over the location of his bases - but then comes the rub with this whole conflict: would the military shoot a child soldier?

My guess is no, and Kony knows that. 98% of the world would not shot a child – and until someone finds another way of freeing or bypassing the child army around Kony, he and other cowardly sickos will continue to shield themselves with the innocent

More to come…

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