23 June, 2008

Support TVPA Reauthorization!!

Take two seconds and call your senators.

Tell them to support the them to support S.3061 the Reauthorized Trafficking Victims Protection Act.


Hi, I am [NAME] calling from [STATE] and I want to urge Senator [NAME] to cosponsor S. 3061, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. Vulnerable victims are waiting for increased protections already included in house passed version of the TVPRA, HR 3887 and the Senate needs to pass its version of the TVPRA as soon as possible.

This law is the foundation for trafficking laws in the US. It passed the House with only 2 "No" votes (that's HUGE!). The Senate is getting caught up in superficial language and refusing to pass it for ultimately stupid objections - we MUST call, email, write, fax - essentially be a pain in their booty until this thing is passed.

Don't let this get pushed under the rug! It's only takes a second - call, call, call - write, write, write and have an impact!

Attached is a sheet that Lisa Thompson from The Salvation Army put together on the TVPA. For your senator's contact information go here.

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