25 April, 2008

Wrong Political Move

Okay, so some free advice if you ever decide you want to run for Congress:

- Avoid speaking at at a Nazi get together.
- Don't speak to the group about the injustices Israel is committing (actually, just don't mention Israel at all)
- Don't allow your picture to be taken in front of a picture of Hitler with a banner that says "Happy Birthday" and several men in Nazi uniforms sitting beside you.
- Don't allow it to be filmed.
- Have discretion - just because a group invites you doesn't mean you have to go.
- Later, don't admit you don't know enough about the "party" to have an opinion (yeah, true quote, I couldn't write this stuff...)

And if you are actually stupid enough to do not just one or two but all of the things above be prepared to kiss your political career goodbye. Because while nowhere Indiana might allow a mini-Nazi party to exist the rest of the US is not as kind...


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