12 April, 2008

The Writing Life

I've always had this deep desire and dream to do a writing excursion. To rent a cabin on an island off Seattle and just bury myself in it for a few months. To take nothing but my laptop, some books, the most basic off food (coffee, creamer, peanut butter) with me and just live in seclusion for a while.

The point: to live the writing life. To create my own Walden Pond, Tinker Creek time of leaving distraction behind and seeing what I can come up with. To spend all day with the characters I love and let them tell me their stories.

To be a writer.

To come out of wilderness with something tangible.

To live a dream.

I really want to do it and every year that goes by without it happening makes me wonder if I ever will.

No internet, no TV, no consistent contact but with someone bringing me supplies and mail. No telephone.

Nothing but me and the chance to just submerse myself in my craft.

To live the dream of making this more than a hobby.

To be a writer.

To write undisturbed and unabashed.

To write...

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