04 April, 2008

Let Them Have Faces

Everybody has a voice.

Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a story. To deny that someone has a voice, or to say “I am going to give them a voice” is to further deny their humanity and steal something precious from them.

But sometimes peoples' voices are silenced, or beat down, or oppressed. Yet, if you listen you can hear them whispering, hear them crying out, hear them singing.

We have to take a moment and listen. People are struggling to be heard all around us, all over the world.

This blog is not to give anyone a voice – because everyone has their own. It’s handing someone a microphone and doing what we all should do more often – shutting up. I will try to interject myself as little as possible, but sometimes in the response action can be found.

I’ve started another blog, because I want to have a place to put out there the things I am learning – somewhere intentional to raise awareness about what’s going on. It will be filled with stories that grip me and move me – and ways to act, to help. It’s breaking the silence and coming alongside those who are still whispering amidst the storm.

Dear sister, dear brother do not suffer alone or be abandoned – but tell us who you are.

We will listen.


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