14 March, 2008

For your Reading Enjoyment...

Some of the articles that have caught my attention the last few days (sorry, I've been on a NYTimes kick lately):

The history of the Holocaust told through a comic book in school:

“…We decided not to show Hitler as a beast or inhuman because the Nazis, after all, were human beings. That’s the point. Anyone can be a perpetrator or a hero. The choice is yours.”


As the latest autobiography of a life too incredible to be true is revealed to be a hoax, I have to wonder does nobody have fact checkers anymore?


So I guess being Jewish isn’t Jewish enough to attain a marriage license in Tel Aviv anymore:


An interesting article on the benefits of having separate classrooms for girls and boys through middle school. Genders learn differently, and (go figure!) play off each other in sometime negative ways. Separating them allows teachers to tailor lesson plans to meet each sex, while decreasing some of the other “obstacles” that plague so many during formative years.


A blogger I enjoy reading immensely, agrees with me on the current state of the dollar:


Not that I particularly enjoy Hillary, though she is better than the dimwit she's against. Yet, the ability to say she advocated or intervened during the Rwandan Genocide is insane. And shows the bloated, self-centered, disillusionment that filled the Clinton administration has not died down yet:


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