23 January, 2008



Well, to follow up on yesterday's blog - I decided to take it one step further and tell you what Compassion has done for me...

Essentially, Compassion International is why I am where I am.


I started writing Sarai in Peru when I was 12. Through that correspondence I realized that not everyone lives like I did (do) here in America. That children don't have the things I did, and my natural curiosity took this little flame of what's life like in Peru to a flame of global human rights and injustice.

About that time a Christian pastor/orphanage worker came to my family's ranch. Learning about the persecuted church, and about the dire conditions in Romania only fueled the curiosity.

Then came India.

I started writing a girl in India, and she impacted my life. I told someone about my new friend and they told me about trafficking. A little harsh for a fifteen year old, but I could take it, don't sugar coat things with me! Needless to say, as I sit in DC pondering how to move into aftercare for trafficking survivors that the girls I've been blessed to write and get to know in India (and elsewhere) through Compassion have changed me.

Now there's Moses. My first sponsored child. Little Moses from Kenya, red sweater, gray shorts, sweet face, total love! I have been sponsoring Moses since I was 16 - and he is just the sweetest little kid ever! He draws me pictures, tells me about going to Nairobi to see his aunt, about his little sister and the garden they have outside his home.

I can't tell you the number of times (often in DC pt. 1, after viewing Invisible Children, watching the 60 minutes video on the DRC, seeing Born into Brothels) that I think I can't do this human rights thing, I'm not strong enough, the evil in this world is too large, what can one person do? Then I get a letter from one of my Compassion kids - and this is no joke, totally true - and even if it's just the simple drawing on the back, or the line that "I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ" I am reminded that hope does exist, we can combat evil, and that it's the small things we do that can make a difference.

A dollar a day to give Moses food, an education, clothing, medicine and an opportunity to have a better future. A dollar a day to an organization that has one of the most courageous and Godly men as its president (Wess is the real deal, read his book Too Small to Ignore - it's amazing!), a dollar a day to an organization that realizes you cannot change the world but you can impact one child, one life, with one relationship, one person at a time.

I have seen the impact that child sponsorship can have on a child. I've seen a sponsored child, now a woman, cry before the couple who decided their sponsorship would never go unpaid for come whatever may, and relay the hope and opportunity Compassion gave her. My parents went to Tanzania and can testify to the families that pull out a stack of their sponsors letters - one of the more valuable things in their home. I've heard of families pulling the letters from a home about to be destroyed, of children who keep every letter, of how families have been impacted and changed because one of their children got connected to Compassion.

I am a Compassion witness and advocate. And the one thing I can tell you is, it can't be about you - ever! It has to always and forever be about that child overseas who you love, though you've never met, but can only hope will know the deep and profound love of Christ.

Go to Compassion and find out more. Make the commitment and sponsor a child. Follow it through, no matter what, because when you have to sacrifice something else for it, you come to see how meaningful it really is.

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